Nolie Fretz Morales

Front-end Developer

Knowing Fretz:
Keeping Up With Technological Trends

Today’s technology changes rapidly. Extremely rapidly! In technology, web design, and the graphic design space, keeping up to date with the latest trends is necessary for excellence, efficiency, and even career survival.

Fretz is among those people who looks forward to these technological changes. In fact, he welcomes such trends, seeing them as opportunities to improve his skills. We chatted with Fretz so we could take a peek into his life and career.

1. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello! I am Nolie Fretz Morales. I am proudly born and raised in the tropical paradise of Cebu. I love Japanese anime and usually spend most weekends watching my favorite anime shows. Traveling around with my girlfriend is also a great way for me to explore the country and wind down.

2. What do you do at Vectto?

I am a front end developer. I convert website design files into raw pages. In other words,

I bring designs to life on the web.

3. How do you feel about your role in Vectto?

Actually seeing the websites I make and learning that our clients love my designs make me very proud. This is my first time working on a big project, and it feels really great being a significant part of the Vectto story.

4. What is the best thing about working with Vectto?

Each day, I learn a lot of new things. Our company is very tech oriented and continually adapts to rapidly evolving technology. To keep up with these advances, I need to study, practice, use, and be proficient with the latest technology and languages. Support from my colleagues, self study, and work experience all help me stay updated. Discovering these latest tech trends and knowing how to put them to use is very exciting for me.

5. What are your personal and professional dreams?

Just like many people, I would like to own and operate my business one day. I’m not sure yet what kind of business will I be venturing in, however. Hopefully, it will be in line with my passion for anime.

Perhaps in the near future, I may want to lead a team of other developers. For now, my goal is to gain more experience in the field of web development.

6. Does working at Vectto bring you closer to your goals?

Definitely! Being here and surrounded by talented individuals motivates me to push myself even more.

7. How does the environment in Vectto differ from other companies you’ve worked with?

Working at Vectto feels like home. There’s no feeling of superiority. Everyone is equal.

8. What does "flourishing" mean to you?

Flourishing means reaching new levels of development in both personal and professional aspects. And to flourish, you really need to accept, adapt, and learn from the challenges that come your way.

9. Any parting words to aspiring web designers, programmers, etc. out there?

If you want to become a professional programmer, web designer, or graphic designer, this is the right time! Learning the skills and techniques needed to be a developer or designer is easy. There are web tutorials, books, and courses available everywhere. You just need to study diligently, work hard, and be patient.

Thank you very much, Fretz. Your interest and willingness to adapt to the advancements of technological trends is much needed and appreciated. We are definitely glad that you are a part of the Vectto team.

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