John Dave Maglasang


Knowing JD:
Brimming with Creativity

JD is one of our most dedicated illustrators. He brings colors, vibrancy, and life to our products and services. His team members often describe him as lively, filled with imagination, and having innate knowledge of the best and most effective color combinations.

We asked JD a few questions to get to know him a little bit better.

1. Tell us more about who you are.

I’m John Dave Maglasang, but my friends call me JD.

My passion is to make things beautiful, putting a sense of life into everything. I love nature, mountain biking, and good relationships. You can safely say that I love life!

2. Can you explain your role at Vectto?

As one of the core illustrators at Vectto, I create icons, banners, infographics, and other kinds of graphic designs. Now that our team is growing, I do my best to serve as a role model. I do that by managing workflow and finding ways to improve efficiency.

John Dave working on the business icon.
3. Can you describe your favorite Vectto experience?

Working at Vectto is something that I look forward to every day. I get to work with different, talented individuals whom I learned a lot from. Working here also makes me feel significant as my job allows me to showcase my talents and skills.

4. What are the daily challenges that you face in your work?

Working on a graphic style that is not familiar to me is my biggest daily challenge. There are times when I am not content after seeing the final result, despite my colleagues saying my designs are fine. But I’m not afraid to admit mistakes; it’s the only way to learn. I also ask for help from my colleagues for difficult projects.

5. What do you like most about your work?

This team allows me to freely express myself and let my creativity run wild. Furthermore, my job allows me to influence others through art and visual communication.

6. What are your personal and professional goals?

Personally, I’m aiming to finish my degree in Fine Arts. That would be a great personal fulfillment. Additionally, finishing my course will make my parents happy, because of the sacrifices they’ve made for me.

Professionally, I would like to venture more into product branding and marketing. I also have plans to learn more about character/figure drawing.

7. Has working at Vectto brought you closer to your goals?

Yes. This is actually the field I want to be in because it allows me to exercise my creativity and be with innovative people. Plus earning while doing what I love is gold. I may be able to fund myself when I decide to continue college.

8. How does working in Vectto differ from working with other companies you’ve worked with?

Well, I can’t say much. This is my first job after all. But as far as I’ve observed,

Vectto has that professional and light vibe which makes working here fun. Everyone respects personal preferences and brings out the best in you.

9. What does “flourishing” mean to you?

Flourishing is when you progress and develop in different aspects in life—from work to personal endeavors. It is about successfully handling different challenges in life.

10. What do you do during your free time?

Staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day can be tiring. So, during weekends, I take out my mountain bike and explorethe highlands of Cebu.

11. Any parting words to aspiring graphic designers out there?

Don’t give up on what you want to become. Appreciate what you have or what you are into right now. Persevere and work hard. Most importantly, have fun!

There are prodigies of imagination, and JD is definitely one of them. He is a welcome addition to the Vectto team, which is full of incredibly creative and cheerful people. JD inspires us to use our imagination to flourish and reach our goals. Thank you, JD, for being a part of the Vectto team.

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