Rafael Gandionco

Back-end Developer

Knowing Raffy:
Knowing Raffy: Turning Ideas to Realities

We admire straightforward people. People who don’t beat around the bush to get their point across. People who set a goal, not just to set it, but to achieve it. These no-nonsense individuals are essential to a company’s progress.

Raffy is one of these simple and straightforward folks. Let’s get to know more about him.

1. Tell us more about who you are.

My name is Raffy, and I’m a proud, pure-blooded Cebuano. For 7 years, I have developed websites for different clients. In addition to web development, I indulge in photography as a hobby.

2. Can you explain your role at Vectto?

I’m a back-end developer for Vectto. Specifically, my task revolves around server-side scripting and front-end Javascript. I also implement any feature and idea that the team comes up with and agrees on.

3. Can you describe your favorite Vectto experience?

I really don’t have a specific favorite experience in Vectto because everyday is a great experience for me! The fact that we get to build some pretty cool and advanced features daily is pretty awesome. I like the challenge, and I get to learn more stuff along the way.

At a high level, I really love how Vectto evolved from a relatively small project to one that can compete with today’s top design system technology providers. That is such an achievement.

4. What are the daily challenges that you face in your work?

Our illustrators create new icons to populate a solid library. I build and refine the system that houses and distributes the icon library.

Thus for me, meeting deadlines and ensuring that I can create a system that has the functionalities that users require is a daily challenge. I made it a habit to record in a notebook what I need to do in a day and the status of what I’m working on. Doing this on a daily basis enables me to ensure that I finish my tasks before or on the deadline.

Our project managers are quite supportive, offering assistance to help us cope with this volume of work. We also manage our work through regular Sprint planning.

5. What do you like most about your work?

Personally, creating and innovating software is the best part of Vectto. The fact that I’m creating something from idea to an actual working product that people use is very satisfying to me.

6. What are your personal and professional goals?

Professionally, I’d like to grow more as a web developer. I want to take on the challenge of creating more revolutionary features and functionalities in our website. Perhaps, when I gain enough technical and interpersonal skills, I may handle my own team someday.

My personal goal is quite simple. I want to support my family so they can have a comfortable lifestyle.

7. Has working at Vectto brought you closer to your goals?

Yes. Working here taught me new skills that I can use on any future projects that involve web design. Aside from that, working at Vectto has taught me to improve my personal attitude such as patience, understanding and positivity. I can always apply these in my personal life.

8. How does working in Vectto differ from working with other companies you’ve worked for?

We have a largely free reign on our decisions, so the team can let loose their creativity. In addition, while other companies are focused on the quantity of the output, Vectto puts more emphasis on the quality and usefulness of the output.

9. What does "flourishing" mean to you?

Flourishing means being better not only on my professional skill but also on my personal attitude.

10. What do you do during your free time?

I am a budding photographer. Photography is an outlet and a chill pill for me.

11. Any parting words to aspiring photo editors/programmers/etc. out there?

Do your best. Don’t to be afraid to fail because it’s part of the learning process. Remember that you learn a lot of lessons from your failures.

Raffy definitely knows his role and responsibility at Vectto. As Raffy continues to grow and flourish as a developer, so too will the Vectto platform. Keep up the great work, Raffy!

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