Ryan Pedrosa

Lead Illustrator

Knowing Ryan:
Defining the Challenge of Art and Design

Designers are incredibly ingenious people. They breathe life and bring color to just about anything—websites, artworks, you name it! It’s difficult to imagine a vibrant world without these amazing people who are filled with imagination and passion for what they do.

Ryan is one of our designers who overflows with creativity. We had a chance to talk about his artistic side.

1. Can you describe yourself?

Hello! My name is Ryan. I consider myself a highly dedicated and ambitious artist who wants to explore different styles of art.

My ultimate goal as an artist is to share my talent and experience to people who share my same passion.

2. What is your role at Vectto?

As a lead Vectto illustrator, I guide my team using a step-by-step process in creating icons. As you know, icons are some of Vectto’s main products. I ensure that our team follows a standard icon style, making our output as consistent and uniform as possible.

3. What has been your favorite Vectto experience?

I actually have two favorite experiences.

One was when our company successfully created our first one thousand icons. It was an exhilarating moment when we saw our creations being displayed and sold in Iconfinder. Our efforts had finally paid off!

The second was when the company hired illustrators and developers. That was an indication that Vectto is starting to gain traction. And of course, more team members means more fun!

4. What are the daily challenges that you face in your work?

Personally, it’s converting outline icons into new styles. Now, this isn’t exactly a tough challenge, but it does take time. Also, because we make custom illustrations and icons, we need to follow—and sometimes interpret—what designers really like. But these challenges are okay, because they inspire us to think creatively about each icon and illustration we create.

5. What do you like most about your work as a Vectto illustrator?

Creating new icons, especially complex ones, is the best part of my work. I find it exciting and challenging.

6. What are your personal and professional goals?

I have always been passionate about art. I would like to invest more time in my passion, perhaps enroll in an art school for professional training. Who knows? A manga (anime) show producer might recognize my efforts and will employ me to design their characters.

Professionally, I want to learn more about the intricacies of graphic design, which I can share with my colleagues. Catching the tiny details and learning new techniques allows me to challenge myself to do better work.

7. Has working at Vectto brought you closer to your goals?

Yes of course! It’s not surprising since I am surrounded by awesome designers who I can look to whenever I have questions. They also teach me about new design styles. We often share our design experience with one another, which helps us all learn more.

8. How does work at Vectto differ from other companies you’ve worked with?

Aside from having a great and spacious working environment, the people are very welcoming and approachable. They readily welcome questions. Also, the rules here are not as strict as compared to other companies. They are more like guidelines. The lessened degree of rigidity allows us to freely exercise our creativity.

9. How do you personally define "flourishing"?

For me, flourishing is about doing your best, despite challenges and failures, to achieve the things you really want—the things in your heart.

10. What do you do during your free time?

Aside from watching anime, I spend my free time looking up design inspiration on Dribbble, Pinterest, and other design websites. Studying and admiring other artist’s work inspires me to work on my own designs.

Every day, I run to keep my body fit. I also play the drums as a pastime.

11. Any parting words to aspiring designers out there?

Be passionate about learning art. Imagination is limitless, so let your creative juices flow freely. Don’t be afraid to break from the norm. Explore new ideas, and let your imagination run wild. Remember that creativity is the fuel of the industry we are in.

Artists are known to be a passionate and creative group. We are definitely happy to have Ryan in our Vectto team. Along with other imaginative individuals in the team, Ryan helps Vectto bring ideas to life.

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