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Knowing Sed:
Taking Passion for Design to a New Level

The passion for something that makes one’s life whole, satisfied, and accomplished usually goes beyond the drive for fame, money, and glory. Whether a person discovers his/her passion during their childhood or later in life, that fire can burn forever, impossible to extinguish.

Sed, one of our incredible Vectto illustrators, shares with us his insights of illustration and graphic design, a passion he discovered when he was still a toddler. Always up to the challenge, he is eager to learn more while perfecting his craft.

1. Tell us more about who you are.

My name is Sed, and I’m an artist and illustrator. When I was a kid, I used to draw stick figures and doodles on the doors and walls of our house. My mom would often get upset because I use permanent markers!

The fun of drawing stuff stuck with me. I joined art competitions during my elementary and high school years, allowing me to explore my artistic side deeper. I took fine arts at the University of the Philippines, majoring in Industrial Design. After graduating, I practiced digital illustration which introduced me to digital media and creating artwork.

2. What is your role at Vectto?

I’m an illustrator. Along with my teammate Jee, I make glyph and geometric colored icons. Web designers use these icons in their websites or graphic design projects.

3. What did you do before working for Vectto?

I used to make full illustrations for children’s books during my previous job. Designing icons is quite different, and I eagerly embrace this opportunity to learn a different art style.

I always welcome every working day. I learn something new each time I report to the office—insights into the graphic design industry, new design trends, ways to improve work efficiency, and many more.

4. Why do you love your work?

Making icons is something that I love, and it’s totally enjoyable and fun. It is really satisfying when my team lead approves my design, and the client likes it. I also have a great opportunity to learn new styles and techniques which help me improve as an artist.

I’m quite thankful that our team has awesome leaders who are very supportive.

5. Do you have any personal and professional goals?

My personal and professional goals intertwine with each other. I’m still building up and improving my design and artistic skills. However, my girlfriend and I are planning to build a business of our own in the near future. Of course, that business has something to do with design and art.

6. Has working at Vectto brought you closer to your goals?

Yes, of course! As mentioned above, I plan to establish a design business in the future. And when it comes to starting a business, entrepreneurs need to know as much as possible about the industry. Working at Vectto is helping me build a solid foundation for such a future business.

7. How does working at Vectto differ from working with other companies you’ve worked with?

Like everyone else, I find the work culture to be totally inspirational. We have awesome bosses, and our culture revolves on the following aspects:

– Flourishing our skills and knowledge
– Respecting each other
– Excellence as a motivation when working on our tasks
– Setting clear goals
– Having fun. Lots of it!

8. What does "flourishing" mean to you?

Personally, flourishing means to improve on something that drives you and continue developing that drive so that you’ll excel in it.

9. How do you spend your free time?

I play computer games; it improves my hand-eye coordination as well as decision making skill. I usually play DOTA because I like the teamwork aspect of the game. As part of a five-man team in a battlefield, it involves communication and teamwork to achieve goals.

I also make sketches and digital illustrations. My girlfriend then writes captions or stories behind my artworks. Once everything is done, I post them in social media and in Freshnervy, my Artstation page.

10. Any parting words to aspiring graphic designers out there?

Continue building yourself up. Don’t think too much about how much money you earn, upcoming promotions, or criticism. Focus on collecting experience and improving your skills. Those things will forever be with you. They will be among the most important things that will define you as a designer and, ultimately, a person.

Sed is a passionate graphic designer. His dedication to excel truly shows in his designs, his work attitude, and his personal drive. It is easy to see how Sed is a big asset to the Vectto team.

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