Introducing Vectto

After two years in stealth mode, I’m stoked to announce the launch of Vectto! Vectto is the best way for designers and product teams to find, manage and share digital assets.

At the core, Vectto is a library of vector graphics with a focus on consistency between assets, custom illustration, amazing value, asset management and a meaningful social impact business model.

Today we are launching with 20,000 premium icons in eight consistent styles with plans to exceed 80,000 assets in the next 12 months, including the introduction of new assets classes such as patterns, full illustrations and yes, animated GIF icons are on the docket as well.

Consistency Please

For nearly a decade now our team has designed and built large web applications both internally and for clients. During this time we’ve spent countless hours hunting down stock graphics to match product and client branding requirements. One of the biggest issues with most stock services though is they are aggregation platforms, not content or art companies.

While aggregators provide real value by bringing together literally millions of assets, they also created a big new problem, that of asset consistency. In the aggregation model their strength of numbers is also their biggest weakness. As libraries grow ever larger, assets become actually harder to find, especially assets in similar styles.

Inevitably this leads to the need to either purchase expensive vectors (another inherent weakness of aggregators) and then modifying graphics or creating them from scratch, also taking up time and internal resources (if you even have an illustrator on staff).

Enter Vectto. Vectto is an content and art company, not an aggregator. The Vectto illustration team creates every asset in our library allowing for absolute control over asset style.

Rather than aggregating thousands of artists who contribute a few icons in wildly different styles, Vectto provides beautiful and consistent icons and illustrations. Plus, if we don’t have the exact icon you need, well, we do on-demand custom illustration too.

Custom Is King

Amazingly our product teams became frustrated at how frequently we needed custom graphics due to the fact that we couldn’t find the icon or asset we needed at stock sites. This lead us to realize the importance of offering custom illustration to our members.

While Vectto has a smaller library than aggregators, by offering on-demand custom illustration for just $10/icon, any graphic you need can be delivered in 1-3 days, ensuring you always have the graphics you need for your projects.

Furthermore, Vectto offers incredible ownership and copyright transfer purchase options ranging from $5-15 per asset depending on your membership plan, making it the first stock company to provide true ownership of assets and at truly amazing price.

Amazing Value

After much internal deliberation, our team committed to offering Vectto at a price point which blows the competition away.

For just $10 per month our members have access to 30 premium vectors per day, with additional vectors available for under $1/download.

We can do this because again, we are not aggregators. Since we own our library of assets, each time we sell an icon, we earn upwards of 2.5 times what a traditional aggregator would earn, who are essentially brokers taking a 30% fee and putting upward pressure on pricing.

Team Vectto wanted to push the industry even further though with the introduction of on-demand custom illustration for just $10/icon for any member, free or paid. Most of our competition doesn’t even offer custom illustration and those who do often it charge $50 or more per custom asset.

We knew if we were going to offer custom illustration it had to be at a price point that we ourselves would be willing to pay on a regular basis and that’s how we landed at $10 bucks per custom icon. Game on.

Asset Management

Today Vectto is launching with the essentials features designers, product and marketing teams need to effectively manage their digital assets.

Vectto provides you with tools to save your favorite assets, quickly find your previous downloads, review recently added icons as well as add your own custom tags.

Over the coming months and years we have a trove of exciting new asset management features we will be rolling out to help designers as well as product and marketing teams find, store and share their digital assets on a project to project basis.

Design is Love

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Vectto is a social enterprise focused on putting people, planet, profit and purpose on a equal playing field.

On the people front we are focused on providing well paying, direct employment for artists in developing countries as well as promoting the arts around the World. Learn more about our journey on Vectto’s Our Story page.

Additionally, Vectto is member of a group of social impact companies seeking to better our planet for future generations. With our operations center on the island nation of the Philippines, every quarter our team participates in an ocean clean up project, collecting trash from local beaches as well as diving for trash on the seabed.

We also illustrate signage for proper trash disposal and seek to invest in local infrastructure to regularly remove trash in a sanitary and sustainable manner.

Naturally, as a business we seek to earn a return for our stakeholders as a healthy bottom lines ensures a self-staining business enabling stable employment for artists and supports the development of more tools for the design community Worldwide.

Finally, our team believes that our work should be both engaging and meaningful. From web app UIs to our oceans, we invest our time and energy into making the World a bit more beautiful each day.

Join the Movement

So what are you waiting for!? Join Vectto free today for 1 daily download plus access to $10 custom icons. Vectto. Tools for design.

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