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Frequently Asked Questions


Nope. It’s all yours. Free forever.

Every Vectto plan has a preset number of daily downloads. One icon download reduces your daily download amount by one. Some asset downloads may cost more or less than one download and some cost zero downloads.

If you run out of daily downloads you can purchase icons on-demand, upgrade your plan or wait for your daily downloads to reset.

Your daily downloads reset every day at mid-night local time (based on the timezone when you signed up for an account). If you need to change this timezone please contact support.

You can see your remaining daily downloads in the top right of the Vectto application. If you have 30 daily downloads remaining, it will show 30D in bold blue text. You can click on the text to see a break down of your daily downloads.

Yes. Every time you download an asset, either a new asset or a previously downloaded asset, it reduces your daily download count.

Our plans have generous download limits for this reason and usually you will have previously downloaded assets on your local computer.

From the Vectto application, click on your picture or user avatar in the top right, then click ‘My Account’ from the dropdown menu. Click the blue Upgrade Now or Manage Plan button at the bottom of the My Account page.

Currently no… but…we are working to add this feature soon 🙂

Of course you can. Any icon you download is yours forever to use in any commercial project based on the guidelines in the Vectto License & Use page.

Not at this time. All accounts are licensed for single user use only. We do plan to add a multi-user option in the future.

Custom Icons

Just $10 bucks for guaranteed 3-business day delivery. Custom icons must be in one of Vectto’s eight styles and comes with our standard commercial use license.

You can upgrade to 2-day delivery for $2 per icon and 1-day delivery for $5 per icon.

Additionally, we offer private ownership / copyright transfer for and additional $5, $10 or $15 dollars per icon relative to your plan level of Pro, Freelance or Free.

Send an email with the following details of each icon to

– icon short description

– style type (outline, glyph, two-tone, hand-drawn, colored, round colored, flat, round flat)

– a reference image (optional)

– delivery time (3-day is free | 2-day is $2/icon | 1-day is $5/icon)

– public or private (public is free, private costs an additional $5-15/icon based on your membership plan)

A member of our team will respond if we need to clarify any additional items and will send you an invoice. Once paid we will get right to work. Your delivery time is based on the time the invoice is paid.

Standard delivery is 3-business days. You can upgrade to 2-day delivery for $2 per icon and 1-day delivery for $5 per icon. If we deliver an icon late we will refund the rush fee.

Yes. Every icon comes with two free revisions which much be submitted within seven calendar days of the original proof. Revisions turn-around times are typically 1-business day. Additional revisions are $5 per icon per revision.

Yes. For $10 your icon is public. Meaning we will add it to our general library for other members to use. The advantage is that you get exactly what you want and we will eventually complete your icon in all Vectto styles.

For an additional $5, $10 or $15 dollars we provide a copyright transfer relative to your plan type of Team, Designer or Free. This license allows you to do anything you want with the icon, including resell the icon. Vectto retains a limited marketing license on the icon.


Yes. From the Vectto application click any icon. From the right sidebar click the heart in the top right of the sidebar under the Styles panel.

Favorite icons are found under Smart Groups > Favorites in the left sidebar and is only visible if you are logged into your account.

From the Vectto application click Smart Groups in the left menu and then select downloads.

No. We hope to add a desktop application for paid members in the future.

No. We hope to add plugins for photoshop and sketch in the future.


We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

You will be emailed a receipt to the email address on file every time we process your monthly membership dues or any on-demand purchases.

Please email if you have any issues with placing an order.

From the Vectto application click on your photo or user avatar in the top right of the interface and then select My Account from the dropdown menu. Then click the blue Manage Plan button. You can select cancel membership from this page. Your account will remain active until the end of your monthly billing period.

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