From our design team to you, a heartfelt welcome to the Vectto community!

We are a global movement of designers, developers, marketers and entrepreneurs who care deeply about human experience. We believe through exceptional craftsmanship and socially responsible business we can help humanity take a step forward.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support designers, creatives and artists worldwide develop their craft.



Vectto accomplishes this by providing tools and creative assets to enhance the workflow for graphic artists.



We accomplish this by providing wholistic employment for young artists around the World, being advocates of on-going education and championing the value exceptional design provides for business and society at large.

Our Big Why

Without being able to answer the question ‘Why are we doing this?’ people have little intrinsic motivation or meaning in the their life’s work. We call this the Big Why.

At Vectto, our Big Why is to help designers reach their fullest potential, personally and professionally. From fostering interest in the arts in young students to partnering with experienced designers to build better tools for our community, we seek to support designers worldwide in all walks of their artistic journeys.

Team Vectto

We are a tight-knit, agile team of designers and developers from all walks of life and backgrounds. We couldn’t do it without the persistent contributions and dedication of our team members.

The Backstory

By Kristian Pettyjohn, Founder & CEO

Originally, I started off as a web maintenance grunt while I attended college in Alaska. After graduation, I launched my own small virtual web design business, which slowly grew for a few years until it morphed into a successful photo editing company in the Philippines that I still own and operate today.

During this period of time I had made three big observations:

social impact

First, I learned that there was a better way to run businesses, particularly outsourcing businesses (commonly known as business process outsourcing, or just BPOs). In short, we transformed our photo editing business, PhotoUp, into a not-just-for-profit company with a strong social impact model.

A Creative Void

Second, I found that the BPO industry at large is, well… soul sucking. While call centers, transcription services and so forth were providing jobs in under-developed parts of the World, they presented very little room for creative outlet. I’ve meet incredibly talented artists of all types, answering phones all night long simply because that was the only reliable work they could find.

Product Based or Bust

Third, after starting PhotoUp, which is largely service based, it became clear that I wanted my next business to be product based. The challenge of scaling a service company overseas has provided me with valuable experience but it has been costly both in terms of money and time. Well worth it? Absolutely, but I knew I could not run two service based companies at once.

the problem

One afternoon while working through some interface designs for some new features in the PhotoUp application, I became frustrated by not having all the icons I wanted.Surely, I had no lack in quantity of icons, between IcoMoon, Icons8, Glphy and others, I had tens of thousands of icons, however, they all lacked one core offering.

Not a single one of the major icon companies offered custom icon designs. Sure, you could make a suggestion for and icon and then all users could vote on which ones to be designed next, but if I needed something obscure and needed it relatively fast, the chance of getting it designed was slim to none.

vectto is born

Then, in a rather spontaneous moment of frustration the opportunity to start Vectto was clear. I could create a new product based, socially conscious business offering employees wholistic employment with the opportunity to creatively express themselves and earn a respectable wage.

Within a few months I had recruited a few local illustrators and pulled on my existing network of developers to work with me in the evenings and weekend to launch a new and improved experience for graphic designers.

At Vectto, our goal is to provide a vast library of modern, sophisticated royalty free vector icons that can be used in anything from web design, application and software designs, mobile apps, print design or just about any type of digital medium.

the vectto difference

The Vectto difference? Every Vectto member can have custom icons designed for them for when our library falls short of the exact icon you may need for that off the wall client that has some hair-brain request (trust me, I’ve been there).

While offering custom icon design in addition to an icon library is a simple change, we think it is an important one and hope it brings huge value to your team. Our goal is that you view team Vectto as an extension of your own team.

With Vectto you can push your designs further with confidence knowing when you need something different, new, complex or flat our weird, you have a top-notch custom illustration team at your beckon. With Vectto you can have custom icons delivered in as little as 24 hours. This makes for happier customers, a more stunning portfolio for you and ultimately saves you time and improves your bottom line.

the future

Today Vectto offers a market leading library of thousands of icons but our vision doesn’t stop there. Our commitment to all Vectto members is to continue to design and develop tools and creative assets for designers that to make your workflow faster and your portfolio stand out from the crowd.

By being a Vectto member you are joining a larger movement to support designers worldwide. We couldn’t do it without you! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting Team Vectto.

With Gratitude,

Kristian Pettyjohn Vectto Founder
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